Hi my name is katy and 21 yrs old.  I am now preg with my 3rd child and happily married with my husband of 6 years.  I've been reading the stories in this sight and understand these situations and want to thank  Becky for her support.  I was 15 when i found out i was pregnant.  I was scared and not ready to be a mom i never thought about an abortion but figured since i was an athlete i would keep with my sports and hope it would disappear.  But it did not turn out that way instead i got sick and sent to the hospital with my coach and soon everyone found out i was already 4 months pregnant.  I was embarrassed but i figured why should i be it was with the person i loved the most my baby Jose.  Five months later i gave birth to my baby girl Yessenia who looks just like her daddy Jose.  If it wasnt for my husband who still stands by myside since day 1  it would have been difficult.  I Love You babe!  I know girls that it can be a scary thing but if u can find the support and love you can do it!  Remember a Baby is an Angel  and gift from God!