Hi,my names Crystal as you may know. I am NOT pregnant & I do NOT plan on getting pregnant. I am still a virgin , I made this account because I have read some of your stories and ther very heart-breaking. I would love to help anyone I can in the best way I can. Yes some of you might be saying well she has never gone through what I am going through how would she know ? Thats very true I have never gone through what you have gone through but I will be there to help you as much as I possibly can . I will give you advice , help you make decisions and just be there for you when your feeling down and out. Remeber you have a little child growing in your precious whom whatever you decide to do with it all comes down to your DECISION . You have to live with it for the rest of your live . Wheter its keeping your little one , giving it up for adoption and if neccesary having an abortion. I hope you do what you think is whats right …. If you need any help at all just leave me an message and I will surely answer it . Your not just another stastisic you and your child are something special.
Sincerley, Crystal