so i went from being in a situation with 2 possible dads, now to knowing the real father .. i have an amniocentesis done a while back now, and it was a big relief to finally know who the dad was, and it turned out to be my ex bf of 3 years, at first he seemed okay, a bit.. it wasnt like he hated the thought, and then all of a sudden he turned on me, i remained friends with the other guy and now hes my go to guy that i can talk to, he said even having the scare that he was going to be a father changed his life, hes been skydiving, taking pilot lessons and doing all kinds of crazy intense things to get it all out of his system, but at the same time, hes doing things he loves so that when he does have a baby he wont react the same way and abandon whoever it is hes with..   now my ex bf of 3 years says " i dont care what you do, whatever i dont care, f off, f u " but the minute he found out i was hanging out with the other guy he just seems to think he can say hurtful things that will bring me down. .. he doesnt understand that the other guy was my friend for years, just the other day he told me not to speak to him til the baby was born ( in febuary 2009 ) i also needed some info from him to get unemployement for my parental benefits and he refused to give that to me, also threatnened to call the unemployment place where my maternity was already approved and tell them to not give me it, for such and such reasons ( such as IM NOT THE FATHER ) .. i can see why he would be a little pissed off at me and all, i cant get the proof from the dr's office and hes not allowed to review the papers cause his name isnt on them, but why would i lie when it comes to something this major? specially when the other guy is finacially fit and would make a great dad, just because hes my ex? all i really wanted to say when he pretty much accused me of doing so was, right.. can you pull your head outta your butt now? the world doesnt revolve around you ..  im 23 weeks & 5 days as of today and i know i shouldnt be feeling stressed and upset all the time, i did elimante him from my life for now, and my dads gf gave me some pretty encouraging words and my family has been more supportive now. ( for now ) .. i just wish i knew what was going through his head, he told me a few days prior .. its hard to love you, because of the stuff you pulled ( which was nothing at all? ) " i love you sometimes " .. but any memories we had or done all fade away a little at a time when i feel that baby kick.. its the most amazing feeling in the world and hes missing it .. i just hope he comes to realize he walked away on 2 of the most important people in his life, regardless if he says he hates me, deep down .. hes only saying them as words .. which is why he doesnt wanna talk to me & be around me, because im not the person he makes me out to be to people and he knows it..  i just hope he comes to realize he has to step up and be a man now .. and if he doesnt, hes gonna be sorry.. specially when that baby is old enough to realize ..