Im Amy 17 from England. Im new here and this is my story! I have just found out I am pregnant 5 days ago. Im only about five weeks. The day I told my boyfriend of two months, he finished me. I was so shocked it hardly even hit me till I got home. He told me he didnt want the baby and I should get rid of it for the sake of my future.

I am still unsure but after seeing some abortion pictures . Im almost certain ill be keeping my baby no matter what. My ex Mark has not been intouch since the day I told him. My family luckily are shocked but will support me no matter what. Im currently looking into all my options before I tell people Im keeping my baby.

I go to sixthform and am studying for my a levels so tomorrow im going to try and arrange for them to be took after the baby is born. I feel strong in myself but scared for peoples reactions espically im friends who i love to pieces. The whole baby thing doesnt seem real I have to keep reminding myself its happening to me.

Right now Im so confused about how my life is going to turn out. Im going from a care free teenager heading to uni to a single mother at 18. I have no idea what life will be like in a years time for me.