I found out i was expecting about 12 weeks ago . and like most wonderful girls out there i am going to be a single mom but this time its by choice .. i know that my baby deserves a better father than the sperm donor .. sadly it was too late for me to realize it . he did want me to have an abortion but i felt strongly against it . i told him to get a life and that i was better than that for him to tell me what to do with my own baby how dare he . no man has a right to take away your baby .. than when he realized he was wrong for saying what he said he decided to support me and my decision to keep it . but im not sure i want someone who wanted my baby dead in the first place to father my baby .. is that selfish of me ???? i have grown to love my baby so much i became so over protective i dont want anyone to hurt my baby and i feel like he wants to help but he cant give me what i know my baby deserves .. i really dont want him to have anything to do with my child . is that wrong of me ??? is it wrong of me to have such high expectations of someone who will be caring for my baby ??? i feel like he isnt good enough for my child .. i love my baby so much i just want whats best . and the fact that he denied and wanted my baby dead in the first place just makes me feel like i dont want him near my child