So…I have this unquenchable desire to be a mother. Even though I'm still in college, working on a degree for Art Education. I've had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a lot, and we're honestly trying to get pregnant. And now that I think I am, I keep thinking about certain things we'll have to do. We'll have to rent an apartment near our school so that he can still attend classes while I would need to get a full-time job and drop out of school for a while. I'll need to tell my super-conservative Christian parents and beg and plead with them to not get disowned. I'm a Christian, and know that pre-marital sex is wrong, but I listened to my gut instincts and tried for a baby with my boyfriend. Now this possibility is staring me in the face, and I'm scared to death and excited to see the results at the same time. What should I do? I'm very confused and need help and people to talk to.