ok , so me and my boyfriend Adrian have known eachother for 4 months & we just started dating on may 3rd. Im 15 and hes 17.. i live in Florida he lives in Texas. Hes coming down to see me next week and hes staying here for the whole summer.

He tells me hes deeply in love with me and he dosent want to be with anybody else but me. I believe deep down inside he is telling the truth and i find myself falling in love with him more and more each day. Adrian claims i am the love of his life and he wants to marry me.

Adrian tells me everything i want to hear but he also tells me sweet things that guys have never told me before. He said hes preparing to ask me to marry him when he comes down here. i know were young and everything but he says hes ready and that once im 18 were going to get married.

We have talked about having children before and i never thought he would want one now. i really do want a child now but i believe thats just a phase im going through right now in life and feel if i get pregnant now i might regret it later on in life. i really want to be successful in the future i want to finish high school and go to college but i dont want me being pregnant to be the result of why i couldnt do those things.

He tells me he will always be there and he will support me through thick and thin. Adrian claims he is ready to be a father and he is ready to take on the responsibilities of having a child. We started to talk more seriously about having a child more and more each day. We already picked out a name “Nevaeh Cabrera”.

I feel like he is ready. But am i really ready ? i love him to death but we only been together for almost a month and were so young. But the more we talk about having a little baby girl the more i feel like im ready. I dont know what to do.. i feel torn by this decision..

Can you give me some advice ?