I need some answers this month. I did what everyone said and just relaxed. I just stopped thinking about pregnancy. I got my tonsils out this month "OW!" lol so i didn't have sex that much. My period started on Thursday and was a day late and really light. Mine are normally pretty heavy so that I change my tampon every 5 or 6 hours. These past couple of days I changed it every 12 and it was about halfway full. I feel really nauseous and a few hours before I started I felt so nauseous I couldn't stand. I'm hungry all the time and have to pee almost every hour. I feel bloated and have cramps and I'm really moody, I've been snapping at everyone. My period stopped yesterday (monday) which is shorter than normal. I have a lot of headaches but my boobs aren't sore or anything. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. What do I do? Could it have been spotting and could I be pregnant? Should I get a blood test? Or wait a couple of days to take another test? I need help.