I’m 17, and a few weeks ago, my boyfriend of 9 months and I made love without any protection-well sort of. He didn’t ejaculate at all. We did this a couple of times, though. Then a couple days later, we had sex WITH a condom, but we think it may have broke. We tried looking at it to tell for sure, but we couldn’t see any holes. The only thing that made us think it broke was because it felt different and there was more liquid on the outside of it than usual. It’s been a few weeks and I’m having some symptoms-like nausea, frequent urination, wierd stomach pains, bigger apetite, and weird cravings. I can’t tell if its just me, or if I may be pregnant because I thought it would be too early to have these types of symptoms. Is it too early? I’m not sure and I’d really appreciate the help. I’m due for my period in about a week, so I don’t want to take a test yet.