So i am pregnant. Im an my 5th week and im already going crazy. i cry over the smallest thing… even dumb commercials! im overly moody and im always hungry! Ive already gained like 5 pounds because i eat so offen. on average i eat as soon as i wake up and about every 2 hours after that. before i couldnt stand orange juice, not even the smell, and now its all i want to drink…. oh and things i cant drink argh like soda or coffee!!!!!!! and i cant work out or run like i used to because i dont want to hurt the baby (even tho its soooooo tiny) and that usually what calms me down! Im young i should be out with my friends getting into trouble oh but no i cant! im soooo tired now thet im in bed hours before i usually am. and as for the “father'”…… well i told him but he doesnt even seem to care. this blows. he gets to go around and pretendthat we didnt both mess up and act like im not pregnant and that he doesnt even know me. it hurts ot pregnant and that he doesnt even know me. it hurs so much to know that i have no choice but to deal with this and he dosnt have to if he doesnt want to. he can go on and live his normal life yet i cant hide this from the world for very long before everyone knows i nade a huge mistake. i want soo much to go back and stop this from happening but im facing what i did and not running from it. its still rather easly to tell if i want to try this or not but i know right now that i wont be able to do this alone.sad