bleh.. it feels like everyday when i go to school im miserably exhausted, i just pull through each day because i know i NEED to get through school. I don't want to be tempted to drop out. I'm hoping to go to this school close to my town for pregnant teens. Its at Rockville Hosptial and they give u two months off for having your baby, and then after u have it you can bring your baby to school and they take care of it while your in your classes.

My little problem here is that I HATE the school I'm in right now. It seems like every school i go to never works out. But for the first time in a while I'm getting good grades. So my mom thinks i should stick it out until the end of the year, but i have my baby in May (May 20th) so i definetly don't want to be going to a mixed up school with 6th-8th graders and having them ask me questions. I'm supposed to be graduating this year. I was stupid and didnt want to do my work for two years so i stayed back twice.

So I'm in tenth grade. Next year i'll be 11th, but its taking soo long and it feels like im going to be in school forever. Now in addition to going to school i work two jobs to save up money. my boyfriend is 19, so he already graduated from high school but he doesnt have a job.

 well in addition i have to deal with court issues. I still have like a hundred hours to complete, by May 18th.