I'm 17 and a junior in high school. i'll be turning 18 in about a month and a half.  i am currently facing some of the hardest times that i have faced in a long time which is saying a lot. there is a possibilty that i am pregnant with my ex boyfriends child. i will be taking a test in the next week which is the soonest that i can because i wont have money until tomrow or saturday. i know that it is entirely too early to start thinking about having a family but i know that there is no other option but to keep the baby if there is one it is my repsobility being that i helped to create it. no the ex boyfriend is not in the picture but yes he does know that i might be pregnant and so does his girlfriend and we've all talked about it.l i'm taking this one step at a time and i just wanted to say this.


girls if you're on this website but are not pregnant then please unless your capable of taking care of an infant then do not get pregnant i'm not trying to tell you guys what to do but please think carefully!

Love always