standupgirl holding handsI’m almost eighteen and I have been caught in a couple of not so wonderful relationships already. My last boyfriend and I were together for four years and even though I loved him we were very bad for each other. After fighting with him continuously for basically that entire time, I met someone who is amazing. I always had an idea of my dream guy, and this is truly him. It was love at first sight and after realizing that I could have a life that was so well off with someone who never fought with me and loved everything about me I became caught up in the middle of confusion and I had no idea what to do.

I was still with my last boyfriend, but I was madly in love with this other guy. So after a few, of what seemed to be endless, weeks of fighting my now ex-boyfriend, text-ed me saying that I was a huge waste of time and money and he was sick of putting up with me and everything I did. I felt free and me and the other guy began getting pretty serious almost instantly. Now I am in a very loving relationship with him and it is the kind of relationship that I always dreamed of, but never thought I would actually have. So things were going incredibly perfect until I began to have insane mood swings and started feeling sick every morning and was accompanied by sharp pains in my abdomen. I had just started a new type of birth control though and they had always messed with my emotions. I have also had bad cramps since I was about thirteen so at first my boyfriend and I thought that it was just messing with me again, but after a month went by and I still hadn’t gotten my period we began to realize that it might be something else. So we went and bought a pregnancy test. Those things are so tricky, well the ones with the lines are, and we didn’t have any idea what exactly they were telling us so we went and bought ones with actual words and sure enough, it read pregnant. I am guessing that I am around six weeks or so and I have no idea what to do. My boyfriend is two years younger than me and I am a senior and I want to go to college, so our first thought was abortion. For him it was no question at first, but for me I was always a little skeptical about it. As time has gone on we are both getting even more questioning of it. We both want to have kids, we just weren’t planning on it right now. I realize that with a baby some of our dreams will be put on hold, or maybe never met, but that might be for the best. I really want to keep it, I just don’t see any way that I can support it and myself and my boyfriend at this point in my life. Please if you have any advice let me know, or just a story that you would like to share with me, anything would help and I would be really grateful. Thank you so much.