I’m 20 graduating college student in April 22, my documents in migrating to US is on process.

One night I got a chance to tell my whole family that I’m 4 months pregnant. I actually knew it before but i can’t just tell them right away because i don’t have a job so what will happen to my studies? who will pay may monthly tuition fee, who will give me allowance weekly, who will support me with those financial needs? that was the FIRST thing came in my mind. the SECOND thing came in my mind is to have abortion right away, take abortion meds but i came to the point i don’t want to do it even though i already bought abortion meds for P3,000 /$300.

As times goes by i noticed that tummy gets bigger and bigger and i cant hide it anymore, some people telling me I’m getting big and i just ignore them and i cant tell them that I’m pregnant since my family doesn’t knows about it.

My boyfriend and  I decided to tell them that I’m pregnant and I thought telling them my situation will make me feel okay, comfortable, less worries, but telling them all I can feel is EMPTINESS and nothing more. I thought they will understand me since I’ll be graduating in college but all I can feel is their REGRET, that i should be more careful because I have ambitions in life and now I’ll be graduating in college, i should not do that because of my petition but my point is its not the END of my life its actually the START.. i can still prove to them that i can still STAND UP on my own. My boyfriend is always here to support all my needs.

Since I told them that I’m pregnant I cry every night and my relationship with my family is not doing good right now. still hoping that everything will be okay.

You know what guys here in Philippines its really a big deal when you got pregnant at the wrong age like me. your family will make you suffer for your mistake.


The first story of my being pregnant.