Hi my name is Gisele and i am 17 years old and 7 almost 8 months pregnant. I am so in love with my boyfriend of 2 years but he has alot of problems such as he is in jail as of right now he has been there for 6 almost 7 months. at times i feel really lonely and hopeless bc he hasnt went to court yet he is going soon in some wks to see when he is coming home i miss him so much i got him a laywer and everything his lawyer says he will be home really soon bc he was arrested with out a warrent and was searched him and his house with out a search warrent but now we just figured out he has a DUI in another county but they didnt give him nor friends a breath test or take them to jail when it happened its been a year since that happend and now they are trying to charge him with that too on top of that in the last 2 years i have lost my dad( died of cancer) my grandmother and grandfather and i dont want to lose him to i try to stay positive but its hard when i graduate may23 dont know if he will be home by then and baby is due june 19 and my 18 b-day is july 14 i want him to b there and i am scared he wont! i feel so alone i look around and see all mothers with there babys dad and i dont mean to but i am jealous of that i want and miss that and want that for my little girl Lilyana all my friends dont even come around much anymore unless they need somthing i use to be the fun party girl that everyone loved to hang around and now i am just alone. i dont know what to do with myself things are also even more hard bc i am african american and my bf is Hispanic american and alot of people at my school thinks that is not right but my mom and my family and his family love it and dont mind but its just hard when you have people lookine down on you all the time.