Hey.  Well, a little bit about me.  I’m almost 20, my birthday is July 5th.  I have 4 children, and am pregnant again!! I have been married for 3 years, to my amazing husband, who is the father of 3 of my kids, and has adopted my oldest son, who is the result of a rape.  I was raped once before, at 15, and I also got pregnant, but at 15, I couldn’t have a baby, didn’t want one, and had an abortion.  At 16, when I got raped and pregnant again, my brother asked me to please have the baby, and give it to him and his husband to raise.  I fell in love with my son, and kept him.  I met my husband, who is a police detective, when I turned in the man who had raped me.  We were married less than a year later, and I had our twins less than a year after that. Our children are Kayden, 4, Katricia and Logan, 3, and Dylan, 7 months.  I’m about 2 months pregnant.