I still can’t believe it! None of this seems real. A month ago I was thinking about atom economy and molecular structure, and now…welllllll. Now I’m pregnant. I’m actually pregnant. Pregnant. AHHH. This is not how I imagined it, it’s so much weirder and less storybook. I’m not married, this isn’t the right time, I’m too young, the dad might not even be around, can’t afford one baby let alone two, might have to drop out of uni….AAHHHHHHH the list is endless. Crazy endless list of reasons not to be excited, and why this isn’t a good thing. But I still am, cause inside me right now, right at this second, are two little humans. Little, tiny humans that are probably about the size of raisins. How odd is that? It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever had to get my head around. In seven months, I’ve bringing two other people into the world. They could grow up to be anybody, they could have jobs and wives or husbands and children. Bizarre, Weird, Crazy, Amazing. Absolutely amazing.