I need help, iv just found out im pregnant to my boyfriend whom i love completly, i was devastated, the problem is he’s indian, his parents are planning on him getting an arranged marriage next year and we’ve always known this. he says no matter wot i do he will support me but i know that if i carry on with this pregnancy his whole family will disown him, ill rip his life apart and he’ll be left with nothing. I love him sooo much and i cant bare to do this to him so iv told him and my dad ill have an abortion. my dad thinks its the best option, my partner hates himself for me going through all this and im so torn. i no i cant have this baby, it would cause to much heart ache but the idea of a termination is killing me 🙁 i dont no what to do, i dont even know if ill be strong enough to cope with all this. i really wish i could talk to my mum about it but its better she doesnt no