heres my story..

im 18 years old, and 3 months pregnant, the father of my baby completly abandoned me, saying that i cheated on him with my boss and that its really his, he demands a dna test .. which i will get when the baby is born, but if he thinks im gonna put that little life at risk, hes got another thing coming, hes blocked me from his life, facebook \ msn \ anything, ive gotten rid of my cell phone so i would stop getting harassing text messages from his friends, one of which wants to kick me in the stomach and kill the baby, or i quote in his words, have the baby in the alley itll do you good. My fathers girlfriend let me know about this site and i was pretty intrested you all have really intresting storys and to know that im not alone in the least.. makes me feel so good, but at the same time i know that alot of you are going through so much..

i started seeing my ex boyfriend of 2 and a half years before i found out i was pregnant, when i told him i was pregnant he was kinda excited he thought it was his then when i explained that it wasnt his, and he had no clue i had been seeing someone else while we were broke up for a few months, he was devastaed, he started calling me every name in the book, saying and promising hed stand by me anyways, and then telling me off everyday, making me feel completly useless, then theres my bestfriend who promised shed be there, about a week or 2 after she found out i was pregnant, i didnt see her, talk to her, or hear from her in weeks just when i thought she wanted something. I was raised by my father sole-ly cause my mom died when i was a baby, and he raised me pretty decent and although i tell him absolutly everything, i find this really hard to talk about.

i considered abortion, my current ex\boyfriend ( whatever he is ) they both wanted abortions, then when the babies father read up on abortions he really thought it was in my best nature to have it, i mean i didnt wanna get rid of it in the first place, and its not someone elses decision.. then my ( whatever he is ) tryed to tell me that he was gonna take me to cuba in december and ask me to marry him in the fall of 2011, but only if id get an abortion.. thats sick in my opinion.. basically i kinda wanna get some of your opinions on this, or advice or anything.

keep in mind guys i really do love my whatever he is, i just dont know what to think anymore.