I want to educate the world.
I want to educate women.
When you are pregnant you have a choice.
You must choose life or death.
Choosing life does not mean choosing a life you are unprepared for.
Choosing life does not mean choosing to raise a child.
Many women are unprepared to
 raise the child they are carrying.
There are people who are
 prepared to raise a child.
They are ready, willing, & able.
Except they cannot carry a child,
 they cannot give a child life.
Choosing adoption is not the easy way out.
When you are pregnant &
 unprepared there’s no easy way out.
Choosing adoption is
 responsible parenting
when you know there is no other way you can be responsible.
Choosing adoption is not giving your child away.
Choosing adoption is releasing.
Releasing your child…
releasing a life to be lived
releasing unspeakable love
releasing peace that passes understanding
releasing answers to prayers
Choosing adoption is receiving
receiving answered prayers
receiving peace that passes understanding
receiving unspeakable love
receiving a life to be lived.
Choosing adoption is choosing life.