So Im 16 and pg. When I first found out that I was going to be a mother I was scared to death. I didnt know what to think. But I went to the doctors to figure  out if the home test was right and it was. I than switched my doctor over to doctor reedy my obgwn. I told him I didnt know how far along I was so he sent me two mayo and come to find out I was 8 weeks and 5 days, I got to see and listen to my babys heartbeat and for some reason that made being pg not such a bad thing, it helped me realize everything would be okay. So my due date is May 26,2010. I had my 13 week app with doctor reedy and when he went to go find the heartbeat he couldnt find it. That was the scarest thing I think Ive ever been through. I grew to love my baby and the thought I could lose it was so sad. He set me up for an ultra sound to make sure everything was okay. Keith the babys farther went with me and support me and was there to see his baby for the first time ever. We was both hoping and praying for the best and thats what we got. We could see the baby moving all around and once it stayed still we could see the little flickering heartbeat and than the sound.It felt so good to hear the sound and to know everything was alright.I found out that im now 13 weeks and 1 day…Now Im 14 weeks 5days and cant wait to find out what my little one is =]……Im in love with being a mom