hey, im andrea. i got pregnant when i was 14, almost 15. me and my boyfriend had been together for months, and he seemed like the real thing. we werent planning it, we werent expecting it to happen, yet it still did. i am now 16 with a 1 year old little boy, who has no daddy. his father and i split when he was about 2 months old, and we havent really talked since. his dad tells my mom that he is going to come see my baby, yet he never shows. i just wish that he would be in my sons life….why wont he be??
my baby is so sweet, hes always happy, and he is so smart. he turned 1 on december 9th, yet his father hasnt seen him since then. my baby is bigger than most, he is in the 90percentiles right now, and he is just at my thigh in height, i am 5’6. everything i do, i do for him. i go to school still so he can have a future that is amazing, every time i get money it goes to him, and all of my free time is with him unless he is in bed or my parents have him. yet his father still isnt around, he is deep into drugs and alcohol, he moved away, and he sells drugs. i just dont understand why, how could a father not love a beautiful baby boy like my son?!