Dear People,

  I'm really young and got pregnant. The father of my baby is alot older and im finding out its better that he's not in our life. Im due in less than 2 weeks and i love my baby and can't wait to have him and see his face for the first time.

  My baby's father is a very good person.Hes doing things and getting himself into bad trouble. I can' ;t help but wanna help him. He did nothing for me when we talked, its not that i want to be with him, but i always thought when i got pregnant i would be married and in love and im not. I want someone special in my life who cares for me and just wants be to be happy. I dont want anyone around my baby especially a bunch of guys, but i think thats what i need because i go to school and my friends have boyfriends and girlfriends that they spend their time with.

  If i dont want to get involved with someone because im still hurting from his father. I just want someone that accepts me for who i am, can be a good friend because i really dont have anyone in my life that i can call a really good friend.

  Im now lonely because I've always been the type of girl that has alot of friends but I've pulled away from people because they not being what i need them to be for me right now.