I am Alicia. I had a different acount(Soon_To_Be_Mommy) but im not going to be a mommy anymore so I deleted it. I am 16 years old. My now ex boyfriend is 19. We were together for about 6 years. When I got pregnant with twins. My parents dissowned me. I had to move in with my now ex boyfriend and his parents. I was in and out of the hospital alot. Until I had my first misscarrage on  24 Oct 2009 when I was 4 weeks and 3 days with my first baby that I named Nevaeh Rain. Then I was so stressed and worried I would lose my second baby and I eventually  had my second misscarrage on 11 Nov 2009 when I was 7 weeks with my second baby that I named Rylan Hunter. I was devistated. I didnt want to move, go to school nothing. Me and my now ex boyfriend were going through alot of things because of this that we decided to break up. I moved back with my parents and now I have a wonderful boyfriend that helps me with the lose of my babies. I had alot of support from the girls on here. I would love to return the love. If you need anything im here for you girls.