So reading about all you young girls and the decisions you are facing has inspired me to blog about my two daughters births. When I first got pregnant I was so happy! But my family was not so much. I wasn’t married (still am not) and I was 26- still a little young I guess. My family thought I couldn’t do it! I was so scared and nervous and overwhelmed! I rally didnt think about having a baby I just went ahead and did it! But those 9 months were so wonderful just thinking about the baby and holding her and dressing her! And then when I finally had her after 24 hours of hard labor I was in HEAVEN! Her face was like an angel! I coud’tbelieve that I had been so doubtful about being a mom, ou see it’s not about being young ladies its about being mature. Puting your children before your own needs, doing well and supporting yorself for the sake of your child. THen I had Gabby. She was unexpected too and I was so upset or about 3 months until I realized that if I had one I could do it again. But Gabby was harder than Bella and twice the work! And it still is! But to see her grow and thrive on my love alone is something everyone should experiance. I’m no saying to pop a bunch of babies outof course! Babies take more than love to grow of course! But to love someone so much that you feel as if you would die without just the thought of them is a joy all in itself.