Hey girls im Sarah. I fell pregnant at the age of 16 when i was taking my gcse’s. When i fell pregnant i was very ill with septicemia which stopped my birth control working. I found out i was pregnant on my 17th birthday. When i told my boyfriend he seemed supportive then, along with my mum, pushed me into an abortion. At the time i didnt know what i want but i knew i didnt want an abortion. This happened on the 26th of october 2009. After the abortion i fell into deep depression and my boyfriend left me as he couldnt cope. After a while we were still seeing each other and all i wanted was to get pregnant again. I was sleeping with him without using anything so i could fall pregnant. Last year around march i was admitted to hospital with very bad depression after attempted suicide. At the time i felt stupid because no one would understand how i felt because it wasnt them. I started to see a few ladies who were amazing, and with help from them and a high does of anti-depressants i got back on my feet. Only recently have i started to want another baby. I recently got with a boy in march and we split up a few weeks ago as he was cheating. With the stress from that and everything else im finding it very hard to cope. I find myself wanting to sleep with anyone to get pregnant, i even split with someone the day after i split up with my ex without using contraception. All i want is a baby and it upsets me so much that girls younger have children and are supported. I never wanted children but when i fell pregnant that changed and now im a mother without a baby. 



Sarah xxx