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Hey, I’m Abbie and im 17 years old. I felt as though I really needed to write something, after seeing how alone some of these girls feel, I really do feel as though my story could help. A few months ago, I found out I was pregnant. I honestly cannot explain to anybody how shocked I was. I had been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years, and I’d been sexually active with him for a while. We were always careful, that’s why it came as such a huge shock to me. I was told by a gynecologist that I had a form of ovarian syndrome and would find it hard to conceive, too. But against the odds, it happened.

I had a feeling I was pregnant for a few weeks, and eventually I bit the bullet and took a test. The little blue line came up straight away and my heart felt like it had dropped into my tummy. My throat went dry and my knees began to shake. My first instinct was, keep this baby, its yours, your own flesh and blood. And to this day, I’ve stuck to my word. I know I’ll be the most amazing mum I can be. I’ve had to drop out of college, as people gave me a hard time and I felt as though me and my baby weren’t safe there. My boyfriend has been 110% supportive of me, and I love him wholeheartedly. My parents were so shocked, and disappointed for me, as I was doing so well at college, and I’ve always been a sensible girl, so they found it hard to understand it all. But over the past few months they’ve helped me beyond explanation. Being a mum at only 17 is overwhelming, but as I’ve always told myself, this life is about taking responsibility for your actions. Abortion never ever entered my head, no matter how scared I’ve felt. I don’t judge girls who do go through with abortions, because they must be so terrified that they feel there are no other options. But that’s what I’m here to say – there ARE options. There is so much help out there for teenage parents. Any girl that is considering abortion, I ask you, THINK deeply about what you’re thinking of doing. That baby doesn’t deserve to be killed. Because that’s what abortion is – its killing a life. I’m from England, so I don’t know what help is offered to girls in America, but I know there must be something that can help young girls who are going through with having their baby. I just want to tell girls, that YOU CAN DO IT. Life throws things at you, to prove how strong you are. And I know that all us girls are more than capable of raising a child, that’s why God gave us the chance to carry a baby, and give birth to it, too. Everything happens for a reason, and I really believe that no baby is a mistake. Girls, keep strong, and I hope my story helped. x

Dear Abbie, My name is Meg and I help Becky answer letters sometimes…Thank you so much for your inspiring letter, it is stories like yours that give other girls the strength they need to Stand Up for the little lives within their wombs…I am so proud of you and you are so right in your words, when we look back it seems so scary at the time but when you get your little baby placed in your arms for the first time it all becomes worth it and more…Much Love and I am here anytime you feel like sharing more, getting to know each other or even if you have parenting questions…Love Meg