Hello everyone.


This morning, I found out that all of my coworkers not only learned that I am pregnant, but that I am getting an abortion as well.

I’ve been pregnant for about 2.5 months now, with no options but to wait. You see, I live and work currently in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. The nearest town with any kind of help is Oklahoma City, but with no car, and not enough time to get there to take care of this, I had to wait for the opportunity to return home to Michigan and take care of it here.

Since February, I’ve kept this quiet, until recently when I had to explain my situation to my boss. I had only told one other person, who had not told anyone else. We’re close and respect each other far too much to spread each others’ personal lives around.

But the boss told his other half, who swore to me not a world would be spoken.

And yet, the entire crew now knows of my situation.



I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life.


Something so serious, so PERSONAL… And it’s all over the workplace now.


My friend is telling me to just keep my chin up and don’t worry about what people think or say, but when you assume you have friends and find out they just talk about you when you’re not around… it’s hard to push aside.