I tried to find any site possible to help me with my situation. I need total support and advice. To come across Stand Up Girl I am certainly amazed and thankful to see a site that helps girls any age with a situation of becoming a mother, working together and giving support to each other. Its a wonderful idea and I really need help now more than ever.


I am 17 turning 18 next week. I should have gotten my period last Wednesday but it never showed. Its been a week today and still nothing. I had no cramps either up until this week but two weeks ago my nipples were extremely sensitive and still are. With my regular periods every 28 days usually. I always get cramps a week before and my lower back hurts and im bloated and my whole boob just aches. This made me terribly confused with my body lately because just my nipples hurt and now im getting slight cramps plus feeling bloated. I feel faint every once in awhile as well. My boyfriend is scared and really thinks I am. I honestly dont know what to do. This is very unexpected… Turning 18 for my birthday I was going to get my license and look for a car and start school at a community college this Summer. I have no job, and neither does my boyfriend. Im scared to disappoint my parents and not being able to come up with money as well. Not being able to care for myself how would I care for another person? My boyfriend and I really dont want to do abortion but it looks like we are going to have too. But we both agreed we would feel guilty and I honestly dont know if I can do it. Adoption I honestly cant think of my baby being out there some where with another family and me knowing my first born is not being cared for by his or hers real mother and father. I really would love to keep this baby. But I dont want to be a bad mother, I dont have the money and I dont want to be a bad daughter either. If anyone can help me with experiences and suggestions. I really would appreciate it.


Going to the health clinic this week to take a free test.