Heloo everyone well my name is katie and im 16 and about 12 months ago i fell pregnant by a boy i was seein. When i found out i was so happy but so scared of what to do, what to tell my parents…. but i knew i had to n they were ok with it but disappointed in me. But 9 months ago was also the worst time ever for me becouse i did somthing that i know i will never do again i had an abortion.

At the time i was feelin really weird felt like it wasnt really happening and everyone was tellin me it was the best thing to do at my age, the boy said he would never be able to be there except for givin me money because he was to young. He was 19 a lot older than i was and i was still in school. He hurt me alot to be sayin that it was not what i wonted to hear. 

So i became to think that it was the best thing to do and when the day came i was so scared it was horrible, when i cam out i sat on the bed n cryed in to my arms i couldnt belive what i had just done but it was to late to do anything. The whole time i could of said somthing but i felt lik i couldnt like no one would listen to what i wonted or what i thought. I tryed to talk to him after but he didnt wona listen he just sed shhh it will be ok n thats it, he neva even cam round to see how i was!! The whole of my summer hols i had to put on a brave face becouse i didnt wont to tell neone bout what i had been thro so i cudnt show how i felt which was hard n painful coz i wonted to sit n cry.

Its been 12 months and im stil findin it really hard most of the time i just sit n cry or im just walkin round really anoyed and angry specialy when i see other girls the same age doin ok for themselfs hope that didnt sound bad the way i said that becouse i think you girls are brilliant and i wish everyone the best of luck with their pregnancys. I could of done the same if i had only done what i wonted and listened to myself, not everyone else n my moms mate who had done the same at my age and said it would be the best thing to do, But what can i do now…. nothing just help other people who are thinkin about abortion and there is one thing i will say and thats please dont do it becouse its really hard and upseting unles it is what you really wont to do. Please never let anyone tell you whats best becouse only you can do what you wont no one can make you. There is always a way round no mater what.

Its taken the boy 12 months to talk about it and that was only once and its to late now i needed to spek to him b4, he now wish's he hadnt made me go thro it well thats to late too

If there is any one who would like to chat it would be lovely becouse ive never spoken out to anyone about what i went though because ive not had anyone who knows what its like and understands. Thats what makes it a lot harder not talkin about it to anyone because you keep it all traped up and it will bubble away at you and i know that well.

Thankyou for reading my story