Once upon a time there lived a man who really believed in God. And one day, there was a flood in his city.

So when the water was gushing down, he got down on his knees and prayed to God, please, God, save me. Suddenly, his neighbour runs into his house and cries, there's a spare seat in our car, do you want to escape with us?

No, says the man, God will save me.

The water kept on gushing, and he had to get onto his roof to escape the water. Still he prayed, please God, save me. Suddenly, a boat came past, and one of the people in the boat shouted, there's a spare place in our boat, come escape with us!

No, said the man, God will save me.

The water gushed even more, and soon, the man was just holding onto the last bit of his roof that's wasn't underwater. Still he prayed to God, please God, save me.

A big log floated past him, but the man pushed it aside, and said, God will save me.

And he drowned.

When he got to heaven, he asked God, Was I not good and obedient to you in my life? Why didn't you save me?

And God said, So what do you think your neighbours, the boat and the log all were?

So let us drink to that, so that we do not ignore and let pass by the wonderful chances that God gives us!