Dear Lisa– Hi, my name is Kim I’m 19 and I have a three month old son named Lucas. I was in my last half of my senior year of high school when I got pregnant. I felt so lost and confused. I had a scholorship to a university and I was so scared of what my parents would say. My boyfriend told me he would support any decision I made because he knew I was really young and had so many plans that a baby wouldn’t fit in with. At first I thought I was going to have an abortion because at that point I didn’t know if I wanted kids ever, let alone at 19. But I felt so horrible at the idea of killing my baby. I started searching on the internet for websites dedicated to the situation
I was in.


I found standupgirl and I am so happy I did. All those stories about girls my age and even younger having kids and being so happy they did, even though they may not have wanted them at first, helped me to make the decision to keep the baby, as did the stories about girls who had abortions and wished they didn’t. I was so scared the whole time I was pregnant but I kept coming back to your website and reminding myself that there were tons of other girls who had felt the same way I did but had come to love their babies so much that they couldn’t believe they had ever thought about abortion. These girls who shared their stories gave me the strenght to believe I could do this and would be happy I did.

They were right. I love Lucas more than anything else in the world and his father, Mark, and I are still together and are making it great as a little family. We plan to get married when we save enough money to have a nice ceremony. My parents took the news way better than I could ever have hoped and both love their grandson dearly. This means so much to me because dissapointing them was one of the big reasons I was thinking about abortion. Mark’s mother is so incredibly in love with our son and I have a standing offer for a baysitter whenever I need one. I am currently going to college online so I can stay home with the baby. Luckily his father makes enough money that this is possible. I know I will stay in school and get my degree and do all the things I wanted to with my life even though it will take longer than it would have if I didn’t have a baby. He is my main motivation to do this because I want to give him the best life he could possibly have. Every time he looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes and smiles I know that all the hard stuff is more than worth it. So again thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make this site, you and the amazing girls who share their stories are the reason I have the best thing in my life. The idea that I even considered abortion is so crazy now. I love being a mother and seeing how he leans and grows every day. I recently gave this website to a friend who is now six months pregnant and the same age as me. She was really doubtful about the baby and your site helped her as much as it did me. I just wanted to let you guys know what an impact you had on my life and I hope you keep this site going for a long time so other scared girls can find the strenght to realize that having a baby young is not the end of the world and will actually be a wonderful experience. So keep up the amazing work and thank you thank you thank you.

Kim |

Dearest Kim,

I have to tell you that never have I ever received an e-mail where 2 BABIES were saved because of our website and I am so excited right now I can hardly type!

Kim – your e-mail was so so encouraging and brought such sheer joy to my heart. I am so happy for you and your family being blessed with your beautiful baby boy.

Often times the fear that we have is far worse than what we are actually afraid of. If we could just get the courage to tell our parents and give them a chance, we might have a lot more girls that find the joy that you have found. I hope that can happen.

Thank you for your e-mail. Take care.

Luv Lisa |Contact Becky