I was 18 when I got pregnant by a 16 year old boy. I contemplated abortion, but just couldn’t do it. I had my son about a month after my 19th b-day. I had been with this boy since I was 15; as parenthood changes us all this boy of 16 took a turn for the worse. I found myself a teenage mother in an abusive relationship. He sold cocaine while I collected foodstamps and welfare. I went to a junior college for about 1.5 years, but just couldn’t make it mentally, emotionally, financially, and most of all physically. I decided to join the Air Force so that I would have a way to take care of myself and my son. The only catch was that good ol’ Uncle Sam doesn’t allow single parents to join the military. I could sign over all parental rights to my parents, but from day one I never expected my parents to raise my child, so that option was out. I could get married to my son’s father and divorce him b/c once in the military it is okay to become a single parent. He and I were separated at the time and he agreed to this for us.


I endured two more long years of abuse and mental torture before he gave me my divorce. I separated from the AF in 2000, went back to school and got my BS in Pre Med, and am currently in graduate school getting my PhD. I have been with my current husband for 7.5 years, he has raised my son as his own. Although my son and I struggled the first three years of his life I have worked hard to get where I am and DO NOT believe that having a child so young is the end of your life. We can take mountains and climb them or stare at it and wonder how to get over. For any girl out there who may think she cannot be successful b/c of a mistake early on please look to my story for your light b/c if I can do anyone can.

Jen | jjarra1@yahoo.com



Dearest Jen
The only words I have to say are WOW! What a beautiful and exciting life story that you have. And your son is probably the light of your life. I’m so proud of you taking the steps that you did to raise your son and to become all that you are today.

You are exactly right. I couldn’t have put it any better than the way you did. Rather than looking at the mountain wondering how you are going to get over it, you can climb that mountain and succeed!

I know your story will encourage soooo many women!

Thank you so much for your e-mail and for your encouraging words.

Congratulations on all the wonderful choices you have made!

Luv Lisa |Contact Becky