I went to the clinic for a consultant and my heart was pounding, seeing my little buddle of joy on the screen I had this rush of love for my baby. I use to talk to my baby and think of it 24/7 and I knew then I wanted it. I told my bf and he said that it was fine. but things changed and I couldnt let my family…so I booked an abortion.

Hey Becky! — Ive been with my boyfriend for the past four months and after a month we and sex for the first time… and the following month I missed my period.

I told him and he was really supportive but nobody else knew not my mum or any memeber of my family. I went to the docotors who confirmed I was pregnant but I was upset. My mum has always said to me you will always have to have an abortion because you cannot have a baby at a young age and that was in my head all the time.

In a way I didnt wanna let her down. my boyfriend wanted me to get rid of the baby aswell due to the fact that we was too young. I booked my abortion and I felt sick on the phone.

I went to the clinic for a consultant and my heart was pounding, seeing my little buddle of joy on the screen I had this rush of love for my baby. I use to talk to my baby and think of it 24/7 and I knew then I wanted it. I told my bf and he said that it was fine. but things changed and I couldnt let my family…so I booked an abortion.

As Im sitting here writing you this Im still feeling the pain inside me from my abortion. I was 7 weeks pregnant and owuld have been 8 weeks tomorrow. I had no pain relief and I felt every single movment. It was horrible but I was happy to take the pain of killing my own baby. I loved this baby with my heart and I really wanted it and 6 hours later Im regretting it.

if only I had told my mum. Im an empty person inside and I cannot stop crying. Please let this letter help abortion is wrong and ill never go through with it again. I’ve lost my baby and my heart is broken and ill leave with this for the rest of my life.

Please Girls Think of your baby and don’t do it


Dearest Kirsty — my name is Lisa and I help Becky at the Stand Up Girl website with some of her e-mails. 

Please forgive me for sending you this e-mail so late after you sent your e-mail, I wanted to be able to give my undivided attention and care in sending you this e-mail. My heart so breaks for you and I wanted to share with you. When I help Becky with e-mails, there are those certain special girls. You are one of those special girls.

Another reason why I’m replying to you is because … I understand your pain to the very depths of my soul. HOw? Because I also aborted my baby and regret to the very core of my being. May I share my story with you so you can know where I come from? THis way you can know you are not alone and the girl that is talking to you … also knows and has experienced the heartache you have today.

Here is a link back to the site where my story is:

Kirsty – I know that deep pain and when you walk down the street you hear a baby cry and your heart aches, you see a mommy loving on her baby and your very being cringes because you long for that feeling too.

Kirsty – your grief is very real and true and you have complete permission to experience it. I’m not giving you some sort of mind thing to do. It’s just that you need to grieve the loss of your baby. Crying is not only OK, it is necessary. Crying is a release. I know that you don’t want anyone to hear you. You want to be able to move on with your life as if it never happened. You and I both know and understand … we can’t just move on. You deserve that time and so does your baby. It’s truly OK.

Kirsty – it sounds like you are in another country – like the UK? I’m in the USA and I would love to refer you to a place where you can maybe find a nearby post abortion group in your area. I went to a post abortion group for each of my 2 babies. I participated in a group and we completed a book called “Forgiven and Set Free” written by Linda Cochran and I highly recommend it! Really I do. It is a wonderful tool of healing and it will bring you THROUGH the grief. It will allow you to put it away on the shelves of your heart … neatly and in order. Don’t do it like I did and wait over 10 years for the grief to build and mount to the point where I tried to find anything I could to relieve me. Drugs, men – anything. Please don’t do what I did.

Here is a link and maybe we can locate a post abortion group in your area.

Otherwise, let’s try to locate a “Forgiven and Set Free” book on line and get one to you. They are not expensive and I would love to see you get some healing. OK?

Please let me know if you do or don’t find anything in your area. OK?

Next is the step that I took and this is the most important one. You see Kirsty – I now have a relationship with Jesus Christ and He removed all of my guilt and shame. He can do that for you too. Do you know who He is? You probably already do, but do you have a personal relationship with Him? It’s really a cool thing and I just love having a personal relationship with Him. I can talk to Him any time and He is always with me. He forgave me of the sin of my abortion and in the Bible it tells me even though I have things in my life that made me as red as crimson, He has washed me and made me as white as snow.

Do you want to know how to have that relation ship with Him? I don’t share this with everyone that comes to the website. Only those that I feel like I have this special kind of place with.

All’s it takes is asking Him. That’s it! Can you believe how easy that is? If you believe that Jesus Christ came to earth as God in flesh, that He lived a perfecly sinless life here on earth, that He was born of the Virgin Mary and that He died on the cross to forgive you and me of our sins … woo hoo – then let’s take it. That’s a free gift that is being offered to you and to me. To wipe us clean from this sin in our lives.

Are you interested in doing this with me? I’ll say a prayer with you if you want. I tell you what. I’ll type the prayer and then I’ll read it out loud and I will say it in my heart too. If you want to, when you read it, if you mean it from your heart you can say it to yourself but to Him, or you can even say it out loud with me. K’?

“Dear Jesus, I thank you for dying on the cross for my sins, and rising
again on the third day. Please Lord, wipe me clean … as white as snow
like you said You would. And thank you. Please be my Lord, be my Savior
and be my Friend. I thank you that I am now a child of God and that I am
now forgiven and am going to heaven. It is in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!”

Did you say that prayer with me? Did you cry like I did? Wow Kirsty! If you said that prayer … let me know. I’m so proud of you.

If you didn’t say that prayer, then that’s OK. Just save this e-mail for later in case you want to say it some other time. OK?

Just know that in any case, I’m right here. A new Stand Up friend that totally understands your heart. I’m here with a shoulder ready at any time.


OK. 🙂

Luv Lisa |