My sweet angel.. Go with God my love, rest with the angels..sleep on a bed of clouds, and if you listen really hard.. I will whisper I love you in your ear.. Your smell, smile, and dimples will always haunt my dreams.. I pray for the morning I can wake up to you cooing like a dove, telling me to rise and hold you… I will always miss your little body, that fit so well I mine just llike it was meant to be, our hearts beat as one.. I could hold you in my arms until I gray.. I held your life in mine, I protected you with my soul, you were a angel sent from God.. I would endure the hardships again and again just to hold you once, to see you smile once.. I would gladly give my life that you might have just one more day… you never got chocolate, you never ran in a park, you never went to the zoo and you never will know how much I loved you.. My sweet Angel, Rest in Peace.. may angels lead you in my love.. mommy will always love you