To you my unborn child, my son
so much I need to say.
To let you know where I was at on your dying day.

I was so full of fear myself, incapable to see.
That giving life to you, my son, was my responsibility

A child myself, I didnt know the options that I had.
So I made the choice to let you die although my heart was sad.

My parents had forsaken me, disowned me as their own.
I couldnt handle another way, for I was all alone.

The nightmare of that day, my son, it lingers deep inside.
For along with you, my child, a part of me has died.

Your father put a ring on my finger and told me I was brave.
He told me he would love me till the day we went away.

You’re the child that I never held, who never got to live.
Who never got to feel inside the love I had to give.

The son your father never knew, 
The grandson his parents lost.
Young child I was, and you, you paid the cost.

People say that you’ll forget, that time will heal the ache.
But I carry the burden of you, my son, the child I did forsake.

Love you sweetheart xoxox