On november 1 2008 I went to the abortion clinic to end my pregnancy. 🙁 I was so happy when I found out that I was pregnant but yet at the same time, I knew my boyfriend was gunna say abortion. I was so upset. It hurt me so bad to know that he didnt want to keep it. He was trying to explain to me our financial situation and that we just cant do it right now. And I mean trust me, I understand but still it hurts. I didnt want to kill my innocent child. It didnt do anything wrong. I loved it already. I was so attached. Especially because since I was 15 I thought that having a baby would never happen to me. But It did. 
I went to the place and I waited several hours. I saw the sonagram, my baby was so small, so incredible. Then I took a pain killer, they told me it would help with the pain. They told me that it wouldnt hurt so bad. But oh my god did they lie. It was the worst pain Ive ever felt in my life. I couldnt believe it. I was crying the moment they hooked mu up to the machine. It started sucking, and i felt my baby come out of me. I was crying so bad I couldnt breathe.
My boyfriend was right there by my side holding my hand and rubbing my shoulder but inside I felt like he couldnt wait til it wsa dead.
It was the worst experience of my life. I hated it. I cant believe I actually did it.
Im on birth control now but Ill say right now that if I happen to get pregnant again I will never have an abortion again. I will keep my baby no matter the situation.