almost 2 years ago i met the love of my life. i knew right away that we were going to get married. i told my mom and she 100% supported me and if she didnt i had no idea. but my dad was a different story. he was totally against it and didnt talk to me for almost 8 months. well me and my husband did as i had suspected and got married January 27th, this year. one week after the wedding i found out i was pregnant. it was a honeymoon baby. i was so estatic because that was the one thing both of us had wanted. of course i was scared to death. unfortunately we got another surprise. 1 month later i miscarried. it was horrible. i was very depressed. but i still felt like i was pregnant. of course i was trying to tell myself i wasn't. well 2 months went by and still hadnt started my period. i told my husband i was pregnant and he didnt believe me. so one night we were eating at taco bell and i slipped away to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. when i showed him he was so happy. but i couldnt be happy. i was so terrified that i started crying because i didnt want to loose this baby too. my mom had told me when i was younger that if i got pregnant she was going to make me have and abortion so i was nervous to tell her, but i did. she was to my surprise happy. i told her atleast i had waited longer than her. haha she was pregnant at 17 and had me a couple months after her birthday. anyways, now im 16 weeks and 2 days with a very healthy baby and i couldn't be more estatic. im very nervous expecially because i dont have my own home yet. im still really young and theres no way that without my mom i could make it in todays world alone. ive wanted to have kids since i was 13 years old. and it's a miracle i didnt end up with one. ive had 3 misscarriages, 1 because the dad beat me, and i have never used condoms. i was very stupid when i was younger and even though im still a baby myself atleast im 18. all my life i wanted to be 18 but im still no older or ready to live my own life than i was 18 years ago. i still get upset when i cant stay the night at my moms house. she makes jokes with me all the time saying that i need to grow up that im going to be a mom and my come back is always "yea but i still have my mommy". and it's my opinion but i dont think abortion is a correct answer to all situations. adoption is a choice i would have made if i had been younger. but now that im pregnant im not sure i could even do that. my baby is still in my stomach but im already so attached. it's really a personal experience that only you can make the decision on. even though mommy and daddy may want you to have an abortion or give your baby up for adoption, it's still your baby, your life, you should make your own choice because mommy and daddy dont have to live with the decision for the rest of their lives, you do. My decision is to keep the baby. i know im young, i know it will be the hardest thing i have ever done in my life, but i can live with that decision where i personally couldnt live with the others.