Its been 2 years nw and everything has been ok. A few months bck I hand a dream and in that dream i was in hospital my mom was there with me and then a nurse came in a gave my mother a baby and she handed that baby to me and said “he was cryin for his mommy
‘ and I took him and held him, he was wrapped in a blue blanket and wore blue clothes  i couldnt see his face but i knew that it was him my baby 🙂 .that was the most wonderful dram ever and wen i woke up  i thout abt it nd i had a boy my little angel is a boy :). I have a name for him and its Dylan, this name has a wonderful meaning that suits my angel…

I told my bf abt wat happened and abt Dylan, you know not a day passes without  Ricardo talking about how blessed i am to have a gardien  angel whos always wathching over me and Ricardo tells me that he is the one nd only dad that Dylan has and nothing is gonna change that

These have been the best 9months of my life since Ricardo came in the picture. For some reason i think Dylan brought Ricardo and i together because theres been a lot we’ve been throu in these 9months but not even one moment i dought the love that me and him share. Every tough time we go through my angel is always there to see us through….