Pregnancy is suppose to be the most joyful time in a woman's life. I was 15 when the man of my dreams proposed to me (October 26th 06)six months into our relationship, I said yes of course. Everything in our lives was going the way we had hoped. He was in the service about to go to Iraq (that was his dream). I was about to be a sophomore in high school and swore to wait for him (even before he proposed to me). I turned 16 on January 1st 2007, in February 2007 i was diagnosed with kidney disease , after so many hospital stays and test they have found that it is called acute interstitial nephritis it means the lining of my kidneys are inflamed and there is 27% function in the one kidney and 30 in the other. Drs. where telling me I may never be able to have children because of this it would be hard my body wouldn't handle the stress of being pregnant and I would have miscarriage after miscarriage. I had just gotten engaged the thought of having children was definitely something both of us wanted latter on in the future. Because of all the hospital visits and Dr apt I had missed so much school that i ended up being home schooled for awhile and started to become so stressful that i decided to take a leave of ab stance and get my G.E.D instead. My fiance ended up getting an honorable discharged from the army so he didn't go over seas thank God. We moved in together in his fathers house in New Jersey  he got a job at a store stocking shelves and delivering for pizza hut, i was job less because everyone refused to hire me because of my medical problems i waitresses for a while but had to take off for a Dr apt told them about my disability and they fired me that same day. And it just so happens that everyone was finding out they were pregnant Justin's sister in law, our next door neighbor, my aunt, my best friend, everyone but me. There where a few times we thought i could have been, but the test always came back neg. I was thinking OH MY GOD this is really happening to me when he asked me to marry him he said would you do me the honor of being my wife and the mother of my children i said yes with intentions of having children now i feel completely useless as a woman i cant even have a child. Justin"s nephew Liam was born the day after Christmas, our next door neighbor had her daughter on the 14th of Jan, My aunt had my cousin Julian march 6th and my best friend was due in July. I was staying with my grand mom in Pa cuz that's where my insurance is, I had to get a kidney biopsy, well my uncle who lives in Philly was getting married so Justin comes and picks me up 2 weeks before the wedding. After the wedding i go back to my grandmothers for MORE DR,APT then I go back with him in the beginning of April. We argue one day he swears Ive become totally bitchy and i say i have a lot on my mind, him being all intrigued thinking somethings wrong with us sits down next to me looks at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and says then talk to me, WELL LL,,,, its almost may i haven't had my period since the beginning of march, do you think you could be pregnant he says, well its possible but i doubt it, would it make you feel better if I go to cvs and get ya a pregnancy test, yeah i think it would. He gets me a three pack two regular ones one digital one. I sneak one into the bathroom take the test and it’s telling me im pregnant!! no wait im reading it wrong OK don't freaking scream ill go to the car and read the directions again, so i find Justin on the back porch and hes like soooo and im like we have to go to the car to read the directions hes like why and im like cuz i think its saying im pregnant his face lights up like the forth of July. REALLY ARE YOU SURE im like NOOOO i don't know that's why were going to the car to read the directions so he reads the directions and says no babe your pregnant im so bewildered by this point i tell him to leave lets go somewhere so we go to the battlefield i use there bathroom to use the digital one and in big letters it says pregnant so i def wasn't reading that one wrong lol. MY name is Keriann I'm 17 years old and im due DEC 14th