I was only 7 years old when it started,a good friend of the family was touching and rapeing my best friend.I didnt know what was going on,untill it started happening to me.I was scared me he told me if I said anything I would regret it.I felt so dirty and gross,I came back home to California(at the time i was living in washington when it happened).I ran away from my problem instead of telling anyone .Still till the day i have never told anyone here,my family thinks that I came back because I missed being here.But only I know the truth.

When I turned 15 I met a guy who I really liked.He was 21 at the time,he wanted to have sex,I never told him about what had happend to me,and for some reason I didnt htink it was the right time t tell him either.I was scared that if I told him he wouldnt want to be with me anymore.So i did it just t saticfy him.I hated it we did it many times and each time it only got wosre.I actually cryed once or twice and he asked what was wrong and still I didnt have the guts to say.I ended up pregnant at 15 in a half.I was only a baby haveing a baby,I never told him cuz i was scared he would leave me cuz he wouldnt want a baby,I decied i wanted it even thou I would get throw out of my house.My own body aborted the baby,I guess I wasnt ready for a baby.Afterwards I told him I was going to have his baby but my body throw it out he cryed and said he wanted my baby.