I'm  21yrs old and I'll graduate on April 3,2009 with a degree of Journalism and with a baby on my womb. Right now, my parents don't know my situation, they expect me to have a wonderful future. Can't belive that I'll be on this situation, its like I was trap by my boyfriend. The moment we found out that we'll have a child, he told me that it was his plan. He really loved me, it was his way of trapping me. Right now, I'm really confuse whether to keep our baby or consider abortion. He was just 19, 3rdyr college student. Can't believe that he did this to me. What's worst is, I don't love him the way he loved me. I have many dreams, I don't want to have a child yet.

With regard to our child, I already have a name for him/her, "Carley Gayle" if she was a girl and "Hero Carley" just in case he's a boy..

Right now I'm really confuse and to make it worst, I have a hard time studying, I always feel sick, sleepy and most of the time my head ache..

Gosh..May God help me..I'm really confused…I don't know how to tell my parents, how to deal with my bf who's really weird, he told me that he really loved me but then there's always rumors about him, he's a varsity player and my friend told me that he's seeing other girl despite the fact that we'll be having a child soon..

Sometimes, when its time to go to sleep. I wish that I'll not wake up, I'm praying to God that soon things will be over. ..

Gosh..I really dont know what to do…