My story is not complete; nor will it ever be. I am currently twenty weeks pregnant, and my story isn't unlike many others, just different because my life was never the best one.

My dad had counted on me to not be a screw up like others in his familia. Some of my cousins have gotten pregnant and I told myself I would never be like them. There was a big difference between them and me: I love my partner, and he loves me back.

My boyfriend, Kole, and I have been dating for almost a year and a half (off and on once) when we first had sex. The first time I was on the pill, and the second time I had just gotten off my period, so we were safe. However, the third time was unprotected, because I thought I just had my period, but as we found out two months later, we should've used a contraceptive. I had missed my period for the second time, and I had some money, but no time in town to buy a pregancy test, so I asked Kole. He's always agreed to do anything for me, so he picked one up for me. After school, he made his way to the weight room to work out, and I took the test from his locker to take the test in the bathroom. I had my friends stay in the hall so I could have there support. One of my good girl friends ran down to the bathroom with me and I took the test. I waited thirty seconds, and looked, and looked, and stared. I was in shock. We ran back to the rest of my friends and I showed them the test. I couldn't take it. I cried my eyes out in their arms. I wanted this to be a dream. I wanted my period back. I couldn't do this now. Not now. But it was true. That little test told me that everything has changed now. My life as a child was done.

I told my friends first, and counselors, and other people other than my mother, step-dad, and my father because I was afraid of what would happen. My boyfriend was told by my best friend, who happens to be one of his also, but he loves me, so he supported me no matter what. Eventually we told his parents first, and they helped in telling my parents. I was at my best friend's house when I asked my parents to come over. My mom wasn't on a good mood because of arguing with my step-dad earlier. I took her outside and told her. She was in complete shock. She kept telling me that I was going to abort it. That I am not going to have this baby. I told her no. I was going to have it, no matter what she said. Eventually she told my father, and we still haven't talked since then.

Long story short; she got over it and learned to deal. All my friends are really supportive. Kole is very loving and he helps me whenever I need him. We're making plans now and I'm seeing a doctor for prenatal stuff. We went in two days ago for the 20-week ultrasound and found out we're having a baby girl. Kole was there and he cried, as expected. We're having a lot of money problems, and housing is difficult for us now and in the near future. Even though I know we'd have a really difficult life, I want to keep her and watch her grow up and offer her as much love and care as I can. I know Daddy wants to be with her and be over-protective when she's a teenager, and I'm great with that.