Yesterday I sat on my bedroom floor for hours wondering if I should do it or not. I held the blade closer to my wrist but I still wasn’t sure. I knew that I was doing this to end the problems that I could not first but Why was I doing this? I cut the tip of my fingers to see how much it was going to hurt. My left middle and index fingers bleed while I sat there. I began to cut into my wrist but it hurt too much. There had to be an easier way. I had pills but I could not find them. I had no where in the house to hang myself or no high building to jump from. So I sat there. Another hour passes as I finally come to a conclusion. I gave myself two option. 1. End it all and never have my problems solve. 2. Go on in life and become someone much bigger. More and more ideas came to mind. Maybe I shouldn’t give up on my dreams just because my parents doesn’t want me to make my own choices in life. In time God will make everything better. I went one more day laying around wasting my life away before I decided to get up and live life to the fullest. I have a changed attitude and a new personality! 🙂
I’m really proud of myself.