Hello everyone my name is Erin and i want to talk about my almost over pregnancy

Me and my boyfriend(now fiance) Ben have been through alot, i have loved him since i was 13 and he didnt know. When i had my first  boyfriend at 14 i loved him but it wasn’t the same it was like i was making up for ben his name was Ryan. one night in september 2005 me and my boyfriend were in a car accident he’d just given me a necklace and i had given him a kiss on the cheek distracting him we acccidentally ran through a red light and got hit. I woke up the hospital 4 days later and everyone was there but the first face i saw was Ben he was talking to me alone and i woke up then he kissed me then i demanded to know what had happened to Ryan and Ben sadly told me that Ryan didnt make it and worse for me i had missed his funeral.

5 months later i was 15 but still so sad i lost weight and stopped talking to people then Ben pulled me out of the darkness and helped me through my depression 2 months after that he asked me out and we have been going out ever since but it didnt end there ben accidently got run over and was hurt kinda bad but he pulled through thankfully.

Last year me and Ben slept together but i didnt know he didn’t wear protection! a few weeks later i started feeling really weird and kind sick and i had missed a period scared i looked up pregnancy symptoms they matched mine exactly so i bought 3 tests i asked ben to come over to do them with me when my family were out and they were all positive my fist reaction was what have i done?i was only 17 and i was going to be a mum! The second i knew i knew what i was going to do abortion wasn’t a option ever  i would never kill my child it wasnt its fault it wasn’t planned. I told him that and he agreed he asked about adoption and i said maybe my siblings tortured me about being adopted even though i wasn’t i felt terrible and there was no way i was going to do that to a innocent child.

We got a appointment and i was only a few weeks along just under a month. We were so scared at three months went again and found out we were expecting….a girl!As soon as i saw that heartbeat again and found out i was having a daughter i knew we were going to keep her Now we had to tell our parents we went to Ben’s first and his mum was a little dissapointed but said she would support us but his dad went nuts saying i should get rid of it when i said i wouldn’t he said i was selfish because i was ruining his sons life and if i kept it( he didnt know it ws a girl)i would riuin its life as well i ran out crying but ben told me that he loved me and that his dad’s opinion didnt matter.

Whenwe told my parents my mum wa sad and my dad kicked me out saying he would not see me if i didnt give up my baby. I lived in Ben’s house until we got a flat which we did and then we still went to church despite our parents being there i loved this baby but i hated all the stares and comments but my youth group supported me. We have a two bedroom apartment and the entire nursery is yellow with like white and pink flowers on the ceiling my parents helped out with money.Me and Ben dont know what to name our daughter some suggestions would be nice.

When i was five and a half months we were asked to perfrom at a wedding just me and ben plus some back up singers and since i love the tv show glee we copied them and sung marry you we were dancing around(not too much for me)but i didnt know he had a hidden agenda, at the end of the song in front of alot of people he proposed and i said….YES!!!! i have a yellow and clear sparkler on my weddig finger now. I am now 7 and a half months along and i cant wait to see our gorgeous baby girl i need names that are graceful k=like grace and charlotte

i will keep you all posted

Erin xox