Now I am 9 weeks and 4 days. I’m going for my first check up/appointment/whatyoumaycallit on June 16. I’m rather excited[:

I finally broke the news to my mother, she freaked out&said she could afford a baby and put it all on her like it would be her responsibility. So my dad, who knows, said me and Thomas could stay there. Which is good because Thomas works for my dad so it saves a lot of gas money. We’re moving in this coming weekend[:

We have names picked out, although we aren’t going to find out the sex of the baby. I really really want to, but he doesn’t. I figure whatever, It will be a decent surprise(: HaHa. I’d much rather know, esspecially if its a girl, so i have an excuse to make our bedroom all pink HaHaHa. 

I have  a little belly going now, its not too noticeable if you don’t know i am, but the people that know def see it and love to touch it. I’m not morning sick a lot. I never was, it was usually at night if ever. I have bad bad cramps from gas and wearing too tight of jeans. [woops>.<] I’m exhausted all the time, but luckily my school year will be over in exactly a week. Then i can FINALLY sleep in.

Thomas is just as excited as I am. He looks at my belly everyday and touches it and talks to it and all kinds of stuff. Hes going to be a great daddy[: When we go to wal*mart we usually make a stop in the baby aisle and look around. We both want to start shopping already! We aren’t going to until about 15weeks when we know I’m past the point of mis-carrying.

We have a lot of money saved. I have near 600 from working since april[havent spent a dime!]and he has alooot. He never says how much, but its a lot. 

But yes. We are super excited to be bring our little one into the world[: