I was 9 weeks wen i had gotten a abortion. I had gotten a abortion because by boyfriend wasnt ready to have a kid but then after i had done it i relized that i shouldnt of done it i reget it everyday of my life. I wish i didnt do it but i know that i cant change wat i did but i will live with this pain for the rest of my life an i dont know how to deal with this. I'm still with him an all we do is fight because i blame him for it but he says it was for the better but i think that if i kept it i would of been in a better spot than i am now. my mother didnt think i should of gotten it so she kicked me out before i even went to go get it done. after it was done no one in my family wanted to talk to me so i had to go live with my friends which was hard to do. now i am living with my sister till my boyfriend can find us a place i have no job no car liscence i just cant do it.