me and mikey fought all last week he didnt have no idea i am pregnant i been so stressed out with all da fighting we do. today was not a good day,i took another pregnancy test just to make sure i called mikey and told him and he thinks im just saying i am cuz we been fighting then i swore on everything and he just went off on me and said its not his! i havent been with anyone else in da past 6 months and i am 1 month pregnant. i guess until i prove him wrong im stuck being a single parent. and havent told ma parents yet i havent found a way to. im so scared and alone on this! abortion and adoption is out of the question i have to deal with this mistake or maybe this will be my wake up call on life. i hope my baby haves a better life then i have, i rlly didnt wanna bring a kid in this world but i already live him/her(: