So I’m finally 33 weeks, thinking back to when we took the pregnancy test in august, time has flown. Seriously, this sounds abit harsh but im now fed up of being pregnant. Nothing fits and sleeping JESUS its a complete nightmare I cant seem to get comfy at all.

However, I always seem to smile when I see my baby girl move in my belly. Its like shes saying ‘heyy im in here.. remember’

So anyway, my mums organized my baby shower and its this saturday coming (24th march). Shes done an amazing job setting up all the decs and the centre piece and i cant wait to see what happens. Words cant discribe how supportive my parents are and im so incredibly greatful that I have them for when times get tough.

I went down to Essex (near london) to see Jasons mum, for those who dont know who Jason is, hes my fiance 🙂 anyways.. His mum was diagnosed with breast cancer before christmas and has bin going back and forth to hospital. Ive already met his dad and hes been so supportive for our choice in having our baby, I just thought it would be better if i traveled down to see her before the babys born. She lovely and seems happy about the baby. I came back on tuesday after being there from sunday early morning, ready so jason and me could make our midwife appointment on wednesday.

Its now sunday again (mothers day) and trying to get around with this belly is like trying to do an obstical course! Jasons gone back to Essex to see his parents and while im stuck here its back to being on my own again and its so hard because i sort of feel im doing this by myself as he is hardly ever here. I just hope he sticks to his word and gets us a place to live because i dont want to always depend on my mum an dad. The cots now up and her wardrobe is ready and now the room is TIDYY!! Ive done half of my hospital bag ready and now making a start on the babys bag.

anyway thats all for now.. ill update soon 🙂