am new at this but i think i need someone to talk to….came across this site and i thought it was great.

okay, so i met this guy and began seeing him but with no serious thing…u know, sort of just for the moment. he is not from my country and was about to go back to his home but after he left, i found out i was pregnant. i considered terminating it and forgetting

the whole thing and he hadn’t yet got in touch, so i thought that was it, but after i had made up my mind to forget about it, he called. i was really happy and immediately threw the whole idea to the wind…i took a test and it was negative. my period that had delayed even came and i figured….well, no worry!———WRONG!

soon after that i started feeling all tired at work, constant nausea in the morning and desire to sleep all day…….i took a test and i was pregnant. tht meant 7weeks if my count is correct. my workmate that i told first thinks it a  blessing and i shouldnt consider anything else. meanwhile i keep in touch with my boyfriend (we r kind of to tht level now) and he kept asking me the whole time if i was pregnant coz we sometimes talked about if i was…..u know and when i told him he was happy and asked if i was too, i told him i did…..this is all after he had for the first time said ‘i love u’ it came as a suprise…but a good one. anyway, i know deep down tht i love him and to be honest, am happy to be carrying a child. so i said i was glad. but i worry about telling my mum because then she will ask me what our plans are….this is what he said “i gues i have to show face huh?! anyway we will do that and then plan for the wedding i guess, though i dont know if u want a small or big wedding, but i think it depends on if there’s pressure from ur family then we’d have to speed up the wedding, i’ve of course always thought i’d want a big occasion but if we have to do it right away, it would not make it less important (tht was rather great to hear) but if there’s no pressure we can wait and plan it properly…i agreed with him on that but that has to be after the traditional introduction ceremony (am african)

so anyway, he says i still have to go visit him in his country  soon as he settles (trying to set up a busines there) or he comes back n we go back down together (he’s from southern africa)

sometimes, i worry….i dont know how to break it to my mum, i dont know if i should keep it (i want to) just some advice from some one would help…about what you think….